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What financial benefit could a top candidate bring to your business unit? You could make a 100x return on your investment.

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Mistakes cost money

Hiring the wrong candidate means money wasted on salary and training, and time lost when the right fit is out there. In fact, the Department of Labour estimates that the cost of a bad hire can be 30% of the employer’s potential first-year earnings.

Could you afford to make a mistake on a critical business hire?

Let's get it right

We find great hires the first time around. Organisations are often reluctant to use external recruiters due the percieved cost. Think about it like this - what financial benefit could a top candidate bring to your business unit? You could make a 100x return on your investment.

  • 96% Placement Rate 1
  • 1.66:1 CVs Sent to Interviews 2
  • Avg. 30 Day Engagement to Placement 3

1. Based on all roles engaged on by a client on an exclusive basis from Jan 4 2021 - Dec 31 2021.

2. All CVs Sent from Jan 4 2021 - Dec 31 2021.

3. From Jan 4 2021 - Dec 31 2021.

A candidate-driven market

A candidate-driven market has been firmly in place since the start of the pandemic. Candidates are in the driving seat, able to command more than just the best salary they can get.

Finding the best talent is becoming increasingly tough, but we’re all about working within the current climate to find the best solutions.

We've created our own in-house solution

We like to be different. Over the last 8 months we've built our own in-house candidate management & customer relationship management solution. This sets us light years ahead of the competition. We’re not about messy process management. We know our talent is exceptional, so we keep on top of it with our bespoke solution.

  • Advanced Candidate Pipelining
  • Client Feedback Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence (named Ava)
  • Futuristic Talent Pools

* We're confident in saying this is a one of a kind software. Our competitors rely on third party software made by software developers. Our solution was developed by our recruiters, for our recruiters.

Working with us is as simple as it should be.

Adopting the bespoke, consultative approach. A trusted advisor to those who we assist. Gaining a deep comprehensive understanding of company cultures to ensure long term success in our placements.


Over 80% of our searches are conducted under the retained model allowing us to allows us to conduct a meticulous service.


Our contingent approach is an alternative to retained. This method is more suitable for when a partner requires a less thorough service.


Preferred Supplier lists provide Irving Knight the opportunity to immerse themselves amongst the World Leading Organisations.


18 May 2023

Written by Henry Spooner

10 Executive Recruitment Trends: A Comprehensive Guide to Hiring and Executive Search.

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