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Digital Health is one of the most innovative and cutting edge markets in the world at the moment. We pride ourselves on our deep market knowledge which is crucial in an industry that is rapidly evolving as countries across the globe rise to meet new challenges in healthcare.

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Digital Health has gained a huge amount of exposure during the COVID 19 pandemic. Whilst those within the industry have always heralded the potential of solutions such as Telemedicine, the urgent need for remote care gave the Digital Health space much broader interest from members of the public.

Our scope is broad, working with companies specialising in a range of solutions and services from Chronic Disease Management apps to Smart Pharmacy services. We work across the globe partnering with some of the most innovative companies, not just in the industry, but the world.

We take a keen interest in the market in order to spot trends and to be able to provide insights to our partners. Using this knowledge, we are able to search for candidates using a variety of methods ensuring that the most suitable individuals are contacted during searches.

The growth that Digital Health was almost inevitably going to go through has been accelerated by the COVID 19 pandemic. Sustaining this current level of growth will be key in order to reach the highest potential that this market holds. As a team we are looking forward to assisting partners at all stages of their life cycle in order to source the best talent on the market.


Pharmacy Benefit Management
Revenue Cycle Management
Chronic Disease Management
Digital Behavioral Health
Digital Health
Electronic Health Record
Electronic Medical Record
Virtual Care
Population Health
Medical Billing
Remote Patient Monitoring


To deliver the best executive search solution, we work closely with the hiring manager to better understand the organisation and it's culture. Having one dedicated recruiter and one point of contact ensures a smooth process from start to finish.

We thoroughly map out a market and identify all possible matches for the specific position, as well as reciting notification when a new candidate becomes avaliable. Upon request, we can provide an overview of the market and movements within it.

We will compile a detailed shortlist containing each candidates resume and a synopsis of the candidates experience, suitability and motivations behind making a move.


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