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Automation is supporting the increasing demand for production, productivity, improved safety and efficient use of materials.

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The demand for automation technology is ubiquitous across industrial companies. Automation technology is anything that augments the manufacturing process by introducing automated machinery to increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy of engineering processes. This can be anything from conveyor belts to move materials around a facility; specialised sensors and controls to regulate and monitor complex machine process; all the way to advanced robotic systems that work alongside humans on the factory floor. Automation is one of the newest and technologically cutting-edge divisions at Irving Knight.


The Automation Division within Irving Knight operates across a broad market spectrum. We work with companies of all sizes, from innovative start-ups to established multi-billion-dollar powerhouses; across Asia, Europe, and North America. Automation was not around as we know it 5 years ago and will change unrecognisably in the next 5 years, so our consultants’ role at Irving Knight is crucial. Tailoring our approach to each company we work with is key; and being industry-specialised and client- focussed in such a mammoth market is what allows us to deliver the best results for our companies’ critical hiring needs.     


Pneumatic Conveyor Systems
Bulk Material Handling Systems
Cranes and Forklifts
Hydraulic Lifts
Vibratory Feeders
Storage Equipment
Valve Technology
Pressure Controls
Computer Numerical Control
Robotics Pickers
Automated Guided Vehicles
Machine Vision
Humanoid Robotics
3D Printing
Robotic Welders


To deliver the best executive search solution, we work closely with the hiring manager to better understand the organisation and it's culture. Having one dedicated recruiter and one point of contact ensures a smooth process from start to finish.

We thoroughly map out a market and identify all possible matches for the specific position, as well as reciting notification when a new candidate becomes avaliable. Upon request, we can provide an overview of the market and movements within it.

We will compile a detailed shortlist containing each candidates resume and a synopsis of the candidates experience, suitability and motivations behind making a move.


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