We're transforming executive search and selection one search at a time.

We are Irving Knight. Our mission is clear. Our approach is different.


The world has changed and adapted over the last year. So have we.

The last year has arguably been the most challenging year in recent history. When we set out to change the perception of executive search in January 2020, we had no idea what was to come.

As industry experts, we have worked closely with our global partners to understand their needs on an individual basis during the COVID-19 pandemic. We've seen so many innovative approaches across the board and have had opportunities to work with a range of organizations to implement new hiring strategies. We’ve seen a significant shift to video conferencing, allowing us to have a more personalized interaction with clients and candidates alike.

As a business, we've grown from 8 to 30 consultants, introducing over 10 new markets since we began in 2020 and our projected growth over the next 12 months looks even more considerable.

Irving Knight is continuously making changes and adapting to stay one step ahead of the competition. We would like to thank all our clients and candidates for helping us achieve what we have in such a short period and we are very excited for what's to come!

Luke Grice at Irving Knight

Luke Grice

Head of Operations

Irving Knight Group

We work with our partners to distinguish a bespoke approach, allowing us to deliver unparalleled experiences. With industry experts spanning across multiple sectors, not only do we provide you with excellent candidates from our vast industry-specific networks, but we offer tailored industry insights at every stage of the process.

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Our Story

We set out to create a difference in Executive Search.

Established in 2020 and with a combined 25 years managerial experience, we decided that our recruitment business was going to be different to what you know. Our foundations are rooted towards pushing to achieve more; that’s clients, candidates and our people. Having grown by 400% through the pandemic, we’re constantly pushing to go from strength to strength.

In every one of our markets, we believe there is room to do more - to build stronger teams, access untapped talent pools and ultimately fill the gaps in the market. Working hand in hand with our partners to excel their growth is integral to the way we work. We’re forward-thinking, innovative, and in turn driven by our clients’ motivation to make big movements in their industry.

Developing our partners’ business is so rewarding to us as it allows us to develop as a team. Listening to your needs and customising our search to your business is what makes our partnerships thrive.

Investing in our growth is investing in yours. As we drive to stand out in the recruitment world, we’re more than capable of helping you stand out in your industry.

Our Vision

Transforming perception of the modern day executive search agency.

For many businesses, recruitment is an ardent and traditional industry, which doesn't respond to the fluctuating needs of clients. Post-pandemic life has given rise to the need for a recruitment business with a new vision. That’s where we come in: we’re transforming the perception of the modern day executive search agency.

We’re all about what actually works. Empowering our people to be inventive with their search techniques is what gives us the edge. We’re providing the tools they need to succeed, and our own in-house technology solutions ensure that the results from our searches are in a league of their own. It’s this kind of innovation that means Irving Knight is always one step ahead of the curve, and one step closer to finding you the perfect fit.

Our Culture

Culture is core. We have created an environment like no other.

Here at Irving Knight, we’re proud to know that the culture in our office is curated to returning results that reflect our values. Our performance is fuelled by continuous learning, innovation, accountability, trust and positive attitude. Every piece of our work is underpinned by integrity.

The positivity in our office means that we all support one another, and collaboration and joint innovation is at the core of our company. Not only does this make for a close-knit and inviting culture, but constant fresh new ideas. We work as partners with each other so that our partnerships with clients are the best they can be.

Our Contribution

Giving back is important to us. We try our best to do our part.

We recognise that it’s not all about us, and we want to do our bit to give back. The heart of our work is creating meaningful partnerships, and so we want to extend that into the community.

Life United are a football team in West Yorkshire dedicated to mental health. Some of our very own recruiters participate, and so we decided to sponsor them! The team run a blog about how football has helped them with their mental health, consistently raise awareness in the community for men’s mental health, and as a rule, accept players of all backgrounds.

We’ve also realised that we can utilise our resources to significantly reduce the damage to the planet. It’s important to us that we work in a way that benefits everyone - and that includes the environment. In the last year, and with the rise of our new tech, our paper usage has reduced hugely. We’re constantly looking for new ways to work in a way that protects our environment, supports our community, and allows us to give back.

Our Future

We're not stopping any time soon. We're just getting started...

With a journey to changing the perception of executive recruitment comes big plans for the future! Our innovation that we’re implementing right now is the foundation of our future.

We’re using those foundations across every level of our business; our own people and our clients can look forward to constant improvements to our service as we never stop looking for how we can flourish in the world of recruitment.

We’ll always continue with and escale our contributions to the community, come up with new ways to think outside the box, and curate our culture to provide the most forward-thinking environment in the executive search industry.