A committed and innovative approach to deliver solutions.

Applying a committed and innovative approach to deliver solutions for your executive search needs. Our meticulous attitude towards executive search has resulted in a plethora of deep and profound relationships with a multitude of organizations globally.


Irving Knight brings a unique approach to Executive Search on a global scale. Our team are true industry experts with extensive networks developed through service delivery and strategic advice.

Partners & People

Our approach is focused around our partners and driven by our people.

Our affiliates trust in our ‘finger on the pulse approach’ and understand our proactive stance towards ever evolving markets. Our constant desire to grow and strengthen our network has allowed us to position ourselves as a leading external partner for both Clients and Candidates.

In the densely populated world of executive search, it is our people, our knowledge and our consultative approach to our partners, that differentiates us from our competition.


Making the right hire is important. Our approach ensures just that.

Adding to your team should be about interviewing the best talent on the market, every time. Our approach is strategic, providing you with a clear breakdown of the market.

We pride ourselves on building winning relationships with both clients and candidates through in-depth sector expertise. Each of our industry practices has its own research team, which works in parallel with each Consultant to provide frequent updates on shifting industry-trends.

Our Consultants provide feedback to our research teams with any additional information uncovered during the screening/interview process – we leave no stone unturned, the result of which is an incredibly rich base of knowledge-capital which we utilise in an advisory capacity for future clients.

Unparalleled Experiences

Seamless executive search solutions, delivered with unrivalled efficiency.

When it comes to finding the ‘right’ people, the cultural ‘fit’ is crucial. Our personable culture is important to us, and hence we are well tuned to detect, understand, and deliver the subtleties that are important to our clients. Furthermore, we work closely with our partners to distinguish a bespoke approach, that allows us to deliver unparalleled experiences.

By operating under a specialist practice team within each practice group, we ensure that industry-specific competencies are focal to the ongoing growth of our internal knowledge capital. This creates the optimal environment for each practice group being effectively set up to take responsibility for its own “thought leadership” endeavours, so as to consistently improve Irving Knight's competitive advantage within each given practice. The result – seamless executive search solutions, delivered with unrivalled efficiency.

01 Evaluation & Research

To deliver the best executive search solution, we work closely with the hiring manager to better understand the organisation and it's culture.

We pride ourselves on providing effective tailored search solutions. It's important we get it right, first time, every time. We work closely with the hiring manager to understand the requirements of the position.

Our consultants utilise their deep knowledge to provide salary benchmarking for similar positions with competing organisations. We work with the hiring organisation to conclude a compensation range for the position.

Once we have gained understanding of the brief and compensation structure, we work with the organisation to outline a timeframe for the search. Every search is different - but on average searches are completed within 4-6 weeks.

02 Candidate Selection

We operate in a number of ways to source candidates for senior level positions. We tend to utilise the following methods after evaluation.

We thoroughly map out a market and identify all possible matches for the specific position, as well as reciting notification when a new candidate becomes available. Upon request, we can provide an overview of the market and movements within it.

With each consultant working thoroughly within their market over a number of years, we have developed an extensive network of contacts. We fully utilise this network, whilst continuously headhunting new individuals across each market.

We have exclusive access to a number of senior appointment job boards, as well as platforms such as LinkedIn. As a result, we can advertise positions to a select talent pool upon request.

03 Screening & Interviews

This stage consists of multiple rigirous interview processes in order to ensure the candidates presented meet all of the briefing requirements.

As a potential candidate supplies their resume following a head hunt call or from an advertisement, they will be initially interviewed by an expert to ensure they meet the required criteria.

Detailed telephone and video interviews are arranged which allow us to further understand the individuals background and determine their cultural fit and ability.

We will compile a detailed shortlist containing each candidates resume and a synopsis of the candidates experience, suitability and motivations behind making a move.

04 Assesment & Placement

At this stage, we begin to arrange interviews with candidates on the clients behalf, as well as assisting with reference gathering and package negotiations.

Clients assess candidates according to their own interview procedures and make a decision. At senior levels, we expect the process to require 2-4 meetings.

If required, we can collect references from the candidate and provide the information to the client. We usually collect around 3-4 references from several seniorities.

We can assist with specific candidate motivations during the offer stage of the process, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Our Core Values

There are four pillars to our success, and those which we stand by.

Knowledge-rich Culture

The technocratic shift in required skills means a deeper knowledge of our clients’ pressing needs (technical, not just corporate) is crucial. With this in mind, we foster a ‘knowledge-rich’ culture – each of our Consultants has a background in their respective industry sectors.


We don’t just ‘sell’ recruitment services, we create effective professional recruitment solutions for our clients. When both the product we deliver, and the client being served, are people, it is imperative for professionalism to be a core driver of how an Executive Search firm operates.


We believe in a truly personal approach. Transactional relationships are a thing of the past – we focus on fostering lasting, meaningful, and valuable relationships with our clients. We work on the same side of the table in a Partnership model to ‘live and breathe’ our clients’ recruitment initiatives.


We are engrained members of our internal corporate community. Our Consultants are a part of a broader vision of trust and integrity. Our deep trust in one another; our single-firm-vision; and our mutual- benefits aligned compensation structure creates the environment needed for success beyond that of personal gain.