Ones To Watch: Smart Building Edition

23 February 2022

Written by Jack Wilson

Ones To Watch: Smart Building Edition.

James Dearsley and the team at Unissu highlighted the Top 5 leading Smart Building Tech companies in the Property-Tech space. The leading PropTech procurement company also drew attention to a series of Start-Ups making waves. So I was inspired to release my first article by putting these companies in the spotlight for my network!

Taking the top spot is leading global software solutions company Accruent. The Austin-based company lead the way in innovation and reliability, delivering high-tech solutions to improve efficiency across the business. This allows customers to optimise processes, reduce costs, and manage assets across their real estate/facility portfolios. Accruent's products are utilised by over 10,000 customers in over 150 countries, so you can certainly see why they're leading the pack!

Coming a close second is Switch Automation. Launched in 2012, the global real-estate software company led by Deborah Noller has seen tremendous growth, branching across a series of continents and developing their unique product. The smart building platform product allows property managers to reduce their operating costs, enhance their energy efficiency, and increase occupant satisfaction. They have achieved this by integrating with existing building management systems, as well as IoT products to analyse and control the assets on the go. In 2020, they secured a further $5M in funding, with the view to expand their operations into Singapore! Definitely one to keep your eye on!

Next in the rankings is the AI focused property operations platform Facilio. Their highly impressive product portfolio allows the user to connect existing automations systems, sensors, and devices all on one platform, meaning customers can manage their building operations from anywhere in the world. Since 2017, when the company was founded, their four co-founders have utilised funding to become a global leader across the enterprise world, covering 40 million sq ft across commercial offices, healthcare and retail real estate. CEO Prabhu Ramachandran outlined their 2022 vision as they aim to ensure their system is more flexible and smarter than other products in the market, to make facility managers lives easier, rather than change their existing product to suit tools already available in the market.

Another strong contender on the list is cloud-based tech rapid-riser, Envio Systems, whose main aim is to assist customers (irrespective of size) to manage their energy efficiency. Envio initially became an idea in 2008 when founder, Reza Alaghehband, noticed office lights were still on throughout a large office building late on in the evening. This got Reza thinking about the energy usage, and he later discovered 40% of carbon emissions were due to inefficient buildings. Envio have made incredible strides in the space; earlier last year they announced their integration partnership with fellow smart-tech innovator VergeSense.

Last, but certainly not least, is UK-Based digital platform provider, Metrikus. Their top-class digital twin platform allows customers to see their whole real estate portfolio in a single spot, as well as having the ability to see and manage all assets and sensors across individual buildings. With the ability to integrate limitless IoT sensors, the door is opened for facility managers to use space efficiency and optimally. Metrikus' CEO, Gary Cottle and his team, have seen great growth since launching in 2019. They now boast over 30 employees across the UK, India, Spain, Poland and the US.

As a little extra, I wanted to highlight the lesser known, but up and coming start-ups in the space, who have been leaving their mark across the globe.

DeltaQ, the software solutions company based in Brussels, utilises machine learning to predict how the customer’s building will behave in the future and use to data to steer energy systems to anticipate the predictions! A smart piece of technology with a great future!

Next is the Tokyo-based digital connectivity platform, BitKey, who in their latest funding round in mid-2021, brought in ¥600M ($5.1M). They have a great vision for the future, and I am sure this company will develop a wider market on a global scale!

Elliot, a US-Based infrastructure interfacing product provider, are another on the list to develop their existing product line to enhance business’ ability to grow their bottom line. By utilising existing building data, Elliot allows the building management team to monitor building health via an easy-to-use dashboard.

The Network Control Group (NCG) have found themselves bursting onto the scene since their creation in 2019. The London-based firm cover three major customers industries, real estate, urban logistics and enterprise, and their impressive "one-stop-shop" product portfolio combines sensors, data analytic platforms, and long-standing connectivity service to run a successful and responsive portfolio.

Finally comes Manchester-based DadShed, who simplifies and decentralises property management throughout the real estate industry, reducing admin, labour and physical costs, alongside promoting safer, smarter, greener standards across customers portfolios.

Now is the perfect time to be involved in the PropTech space. Combining impressive innovation with companies’ vision for the future, a lot of these companies I have mentioned are going to see even more growth in the coming years. Congratulations to the companies that made it onto Unissu's list - I look forward to seeing the progressions these companies will be making in 2022!