Retained Search

Our retained process allows us to conduct a meticulous and comprehensive executive search service.

Irving Knight’s retained search process allows us to conduct a meticulous and comprehensive executive search service, modified to the unique needs of the client we are in partnership with.

What is Retained Search?

When you retain Irving Knight, you are entering into an unparalleled partnership. We become an extension of your image and reputation, the eyes, and ears in the marketplace. As the first point of contact in acquiring the perfect candidate for your business, we safeguard your good name, protect confidentiality and work continuously to provide the best service, guaranteeing the best placement first time round.

Unique & Flexible

A unique and flexible search structure.

Our unique & flexible search structure guarantees every search is tailored specifically to our partner’s needs, ensuring the entire process is diligent & stress free from start to finish.

We not only provide recruiting process guidelines, candidate pipelines and networks — we also provide a know-how to navigate the waters when handling delicate situations and negotiations.

Unparalleled Success

Over 80% of our searches utilise the retained model.

Due to our consultants’ dedication to the search, we take the time out to learn extensively about our partner’s needs.

Our constant market research & exceptional expertise allows us to offer services such as writing job descriptions, consulting on future positions & providing a full, 360 map of the labour market. Our proactive approach allows us to reach candidate job boards & individuals that contingent recruiters cannot find. You will receive a detailed candidate shortlist, within a specific time frame, alongside comprehensive supplementary notes of each candidate & why they have been presented.


The world has changed and adapted over the last year. So have we.

The last year has arguably been the most challenging year in recent history. When we set out to change the perception of executive search in January 2020, we had no idea what was to come.

As industry experts, we have worked closely with our global partners to understand their needs on an individual basis during the COVID-19 pandemic. We've seen so many innovative approaches across the board and have had opportunities to work with a range of organizations to implement new hiring strategies. We’ve seen a significant shift to video conferencing, allowing us to have a more personalized interaction with clients and candidates alike.

As a business, we've grown from 8 to 30 consultants, introducing over 10 new markets since we began in 2020 and our projected growth over the next 12 months looks even more considerable.

Irving Knight is continuously making changes and adapting to stay one step ahead of the competition. We would like to thank all our clients and candidates for helping us achieve what we have in such a short period and we are very excited for what's to come!

Luke Grice at Irving Knight

Luke Grice

Head of Operations

Irving Knight Group

The Benefits

There are several reasons for using the Retained Search model for your next hire.

Priority Search

We make your search our priority. We appreciate that the hiring process for executive candidates may be extensive and we are passionate about being able to get to work as soon as possible.

360° Map

A 360° map of the market. With the guarantee of business that a retained search brings, we coordinate with our research team to map out market conditions before headhunting even begins.


Having thoroughly searched for and contacted every individual who may be a fit for the role, we then have more time to interview candidates, ensuring that we are only forwarding the top profiles to our clients for review.


We ensure that any candidate submitted for a retained search role will not be submitted for any other process. We also assist with reference checking and negotiations at the offer stage.