Preferred Vendor

Preferred Supplier lists provide Irving Knight the opportunity to immerse themselves amongst the World Leading Organisations.

Preferred Vendor & RPO

We're focused on delivering our partners the best solutions.

The preferred vendor method is more reactive to our long-term partner’s needs. It provides us the opportunity to gain important insight into your Hiring team, Business Values and Company Culture, thus, making our relationship both effective and efficient.

Using us as part of your PSL allows Irving Knight to propose candidates to you as soon as your hiring process begins; and with our in depth understanding of your company, we put forward only the most suitable and qualified candidates. The quality and standard we offer is only enhanced when we are your chosen partner. With our mission to provide the highest level of searches, we aim to be at the top of your mind when external services are required.

The Benefits

There are several reasons for using the partner with us.

Time & Results

Partnering with us will allow your hiring managers and HR team to focus on their own specialist duties. We understand the hiring process thoroughly and by utilising our extensive database and headhunting facilities, are able to provide better results.


Many organisations forget that how you treat each applicant has an effect on the perception of your brand. We ensure that candidates are kept in the loop and recieve feedback regardless of the outcome. We ensure that the perception of the brand remains professional and positive.


We create a peace of mind. Knowing that a team of professional recruiters are sourcing the best talent for your organisation full time eliminates the need to rely on multiple recruitment agencies which may not understand your brand and its requirements.